March 4, 2010

I have several stocks I’m watching and considering buying, DECK, T and ECA … but I’m nervous! Do I have enough information about these stocks? Should I listen to Jim Cramer? Should I get more advice? On the other hand, it’s just money, Right? Where would I be spending it if not on stocks. Dinners out, babysitters, new furniture … hmmmmm.


My Watch List

March 2, 2010

So I’m watching some stocks to see what they will do. Most of the stocks I’m watching are the ones my SAHM friend, R, told me about. We volunteer at the elementary school together and she is the one who got me thinking about stock trading.

She seems to have good advice, most of the stocks she has suggested I watch have had great growth over the past two years. (I just figured out how to set up a watch list, it’s very exciting, more exciting than writing status updates on FB even!)

I am a bit confused about how to interpret the information. For example, I see all the graphs, charts, numbers … but how do I take that information and predict what a stock will do in the future??

Maybe if I stare at the streaming screen for long enough the answers will come …

Today I Began

March 2, 2010

Today was the first day of my trading adventure. I logged into my trading account and found the education tab.

(Just wondering, is it bad to stay logged into my trading account overnight because I don’t want to find the lesson I left off at again tomorrow?)

I took the following lessons:

1 Trading Basics (basic)

2 Account Types and Balances (obvious)

3 Understanding Investment Balances (might need flash cards)

4 Placing Basic Orders (I did not complete this one yet. (no I was not overwhelmed but my mind did start to wander …)

btw, I really wanted to name my blog something cooler like girlTrader, but I felt that was a bit deceptive. I am much more a stay at home mom, than I am a girl, at this point.  

Big Lesson of the Day: don’t let emotions guide your trades, hope, fear and greed will get you in the most trouble.

SAHM Trader

February 23, 2010

I am a SAHM in Brooklyn learning to trade. More to follow …

Hello world!

February 23, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!